E-Tuğra EBG Information Technology and Services Inc. 's vision; 

As a globally competent electronic certificate and electronic signature service provider, our vision is to play a key role in increasing the use of e-signatures, enhancing information security, and spreading e-commerce and e-state applications by upholding international standards and business models.



e-tuğra EBG Information Technologies and Services Inc.’s mission is to:

*operate as an electronic certificate service provider located in Turkey under the Electronic Signature Law 5070 and deliver electronic signature services in line with applicable legislation

*become a globally recognised and competent public key infrastructure and electronic signature service provider

*take part in and support technical, academic, and legal processes concerning e-signatures

*develop practices and projects to spread the use of e-signatures

*carry out all kinds of information, communication and R&D efforts as well as support and enhance such efforts

*share "knowledge and technology" to create added value in Turkey’s process to become a “knowledge society” and develop a “knowledge economy”