e-tuğra EBG Information Technologies and Services Inc. is an Electronic Certification Services Provider (ECSP) established in 2005 with 100% local capital. Our company received approval from the Information Technologies and Communications Board in June 2006 to operate as an ECSP upon fulfilling the criteria laid down in the Electronic Signature Law 5070 and relevant legislation and putting the required infrastructure in place. Each year, e-tuğra continues its staggering rise in the ranks of the top 500 IT companies.

As EBG Information Technologies and Services Inc. our guiding principle is to meet all individual and/or corporate e-signature requests in a reliable and efficient manner, in line with legal requirements, spread the use of e-signatures in e-commerce, support the progress of e-state application, and contribute to our country’s target to become a knowledge society.  

Our company is TSE-ISO-IEC 27001 (Information Security Management System) certified and stands out with its extensive know-how, experience, zero error policy and strong international partnerships. In addition, e-tuğra is a Turkish SSL certificate provider trusted 100% across the world as a certification authority by applications such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft IE, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Ipad, IPhone, and Andorid etc. E-tuğra is the only company in Turkey and among the few companies in the world to have a root certificate with 4096-bit keys. E-tuğra has an ETSI TS 102042 v2.4.1 certificate from BSI Group (KPMG) and is regularly audited every year.