Advanced Package – CAdES

  • Signature Verification
  • Reads Certificate Information from the Electronic Signature Card (Smart Card)
  • Signs with CAdES-BES ,CAdES-EPES, CAdES-T, CAdES-XL
  • Complies with the European Telecommunications Standard Institute’s ETSI TS 101 733 standard.
  • Signs using BTK’s (Information Telecommunications Board) signature profiles P1 and P2
  • Can add multiple signatories to a document (e.g. second and third signatories)
  • Can add time stamp to signature to prove time of signature

What Development Environments Can I Use It In?

  • .NET Masaüstü Uygulamaları,
  • .NET Web Uygulamaları
  • .JAVA
  • .Delphi
  • .Php Web Uygulamaları
  • .Diğer Geliştirme Ortamları

Where Can I Use It?

  • Sign all types of documents
  • Sign all types of documents with a time stamp
  • Log in using an electronic signature
  • Can be used to sign documents throughout the validity of the signatory’s certificate. Upgrade to a higher version for archived documents with longer-term signatures.

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