With user-friendly interface makes it easy,

  Through the use of minimum system your computer is not muscle,

  Energy saving, not shorten battery life,

  Large virus database provides antivirus protection with full,

  Offers the ability to defend themselves effectively against attack,

  Blocks the harmful and dangerous web sites,

  In some applications, the firewall provides the possibility to use.

Minimal system requirements for:

Processor frequency:
1 Ghz or Higher

512 MB or More

Hard disk space:
120 MB

Operating system:
Windows XP (SP2, SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8 (x32, x64)

Learn about antivirus, installation and licensing procedures, you can get help in using the link below.



Complete Antivirus Functionality
e-Tugra Security includes a fully installed antivirus with all the features that are included in e-Tugra Antivirus:
- Files check system in real time for the detection of viruses and other malicious programs that try to penetrate the computer;
- Daily update the database to ensure maximum work in a secure environment;
- Mail filter checks all email messages for malicious objects, thereby ensuring that no threat will penetrate the system with an e-mail;
- Heuristic analyzer identifies new viruses even if records for its detection are not present in the database;
- Three types of scanning – fast (for verification of critical system areas), complete (fully checked all the files on your computer), the sample (scanning at the discretion of the user).

Proactive defense

Heuristic analyzer checks the files on similar characteristics. If it finds a certain number of similar data in the file, it will decide that the program is similar to a malicious. Thus e-Tugra Internet Security can detect malware that has not yet been added to the anti-virus database. With this key module e-Tugra Internet Security protects the system from even the threats that have not yet appeared, but may appear in the future.


Application-level Firewall
- Control the access to network applications
A firewall monitors all applications that attempt to access the network. Both inbound and outbound traffic;
- Protection from unauthorized external attacks Firewall permits only outbound traffic for applications by default. This is to protect the system from trying to access it from the outside, as any incoming requests are blocked.
-Built-in set of rules. The program has a built-in database, which contains all the necessary rules for resolving or blocking (by the user) of the standard system services or protocols (NetBios, DHCP, DNS, etc.) during working in network. They can be used to allow or block network activity on such protocols even if the intricacies of their work in unknown.
- Ability to install general settings for all system applications e-Tugra Internet Security has the ability to install general settings to all applications. For example, if user need to all applications have the access to certain server. To do this it is enough to sign a rule in the settings, which allows access to the certain IP address through the certain port. So it is not necessary to create separate access rules for the server for each application.

WEB-filter and Mail scanning

Main function of this module are: -Blocking of dangerous sites
e-Tugra Internet Security has the ability to block the access to potentially dangerous sites, blocking its download during review in browser. An appropriate notification displayed for the user;
- Blocking of potentially dangerous content from suspicious sites
Some sites are added to the base of e-Tugra Internet Security as suspicious or as sites with malicious content. If the site is in a list, you will be able to visit it, view a page, image, but will not
be able to download files from the program files, documents and other files that could potentially pose a threat to your computer;
- Creating of the users own list of blocked sites
In addition to built-in database of blocked sites in the WEB-filter there is a possibility to create a list of sites that the user for whatever reason deemed malicious. Its own base subject to the same rules that apply to the total base
– Two modes: site blocking and blocking downloads from the site.
As some web sites are very dangerous because of harmful application that could be downloaded to users PC in background, we have established two possible actions with dangerous site: site could be blocked totally or only downloads from site could be blocked