What is Business Partnership?

It’s “COOPERATION” that begins when you apply to the Business Partnership Programme, receive approval from the system, and sign a business partnership agreement.

Both individuals and businesses can apply to this programme.




How can I apply?

●     Complete the business partnership application form in full.


●     Print and sign the Business Partnership Agreement.


How does the system work?  

●     An application link is created exclusively for you once you complete the application form.

●     You can either publish this link on your website on the image to be provided to you or send this link to your customers by email.

●     Customers that enter the system by clicking on this link, which is exclusive to you, need to fill out their order information by going to the order page that has your logo on it.

●     Once the order is complete, e-tuğra will store you as a customer representative for that order.

●     e-tuğra will carry out all of the procedures on your behalf to turn the order into sales – from generation, identification, delivery by courier to post-sales technical services – for all orders placed by your customers.

●     The system will calculate your commission for each e-tuğra product generated through you.


How do I get paid and earn money?

●     As a business partner you will receive a 10% commission for each e-tuğra product sold.

●     The more customers you send your exclusive link to, the more you gain.

●     You can monitor your gain and customers real-time on the business partnership system.

●     All sales generated through you are calculated on a monthly basis.

●     The commission that you are entitled to is paid to your bank account on the 10th working day of the following month.

●     The lowest payment amount is 200 TL.



Business Partnership New Application


Go to Click on the “Business Partnership Application Form” on the lower right corner of the page.

Complete the application form in the new window in full and click the “Save” button on the upper corner.

Your application will then be processed and our relevant department will get in touch with you.



Post-Approval Procedures

After your application is approved, a sales link exclusive to you will be generated. (e.g. This link will be sent to the email entered on your application form.

The applications for customers that you sell to will be made through this link. That’s why you may either send this link to your customers by email or provide access to this link by placing one of e-tuğra’s images on your website.




Installing the image on your website  

Click and log in by entering your email and password. Click on the “Business Partnership” button on the bottom of the page and select the images tab from the tabs above. Pick the image that suits you most and copy the html code next to it to embed it in your website’s source codes.
e.g.:<a href=""><img src="" /></a>





Post-Application Sales Monitoring

You can keep track of the applications you have received by logging in with your email address and password at Click on the “My Orders” button to access the list of orders.

The business partnership page provides detailed reports and statements for the commission that you have gained from the products sold.